Grounding Techniques

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Have you ever felt like your nervous system was on overdrive? Maybe it made sense to you or maybe there was no “logical” explanation? If you are wondering how to downregulate and redirect your brain from stressful and consuming thoughts, this class is for you.

Maybe you serve a population that experiences stress and you would like to bring your skills to the next level and be able to offer them resources to help them find calm in those moments – we got you here!

Grounding Techniques are body-based tools to help you or your patients/clients “ground” in difficult, stressful, or traumatic moments. In this class, Krysta Dancy teaches you how to ground yourself or another from the “top, down”.

What is Grounding? Taking the neuroscience of understanding the way our brain and body communicate with one another and using that knowledge to communicate a sense of safety and calm to our brain. They are specific techniques to regulate our nervous system so that our fight and flight (sympathetic nervous system) and rest and digest (parasympathetic nervous system) can respond appropriately to the scenario at hand so that ultimately your brain can rest.

This class is an excellent supplement to Preventing Trauma Level 1 & Level 2, as well as Healing Trauma in the Birth Professional.

BONUS Module: Responding to a Panic Attack – putting it all together

*8 Modules, 1.5 CE from the California BRN will be awarded upon completion of this class. Class expires two years from the purchase date.