Oh Baby! Care of the Neonate

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The reality is, that we spend the majority of our time as nurses caring for the birthing person intrapartum and the fetus, not the newborn! The more we thought about it, though, the more we realized that if this process was going to be as thorough as possible, we had to include this topic. Whew! Everyone is scared of that floppy baby. We have, at bear minimum, heard awful stories of babies coming out blue, apneic, needing to run a full code, or having to give blood immediately. It does happen. The good news is, it’s NOT going to happen on every shift. The other good news is that you WILL have to use these skills at some point in your career, which is exactly why we included it! We want you to walk away from this module feeling like you know what is happening to your baby pathophysiology-wise so that you can identify what is normal from what is abnormal, respond appropriately and notify the right people for help. Remembering that you may be the link between this baby getting the help they need, preventing further complications and even death.
You got this.

At the end of this course it is expected that the student can:

  1. Student describes the pathology of the extrauterine steps newborns take upon delivery. 
  2. Student compares the different respiratory issues a newborn can have after delivery.
  3. Student can demonstrate the steps to resuscitation.

*4 CEs from the California BRN will be awarded upon completion of this class. Class access expires 2 yrs from purchase.