Physiologic Birth – February 21 Recording

The recording deadline has been reached! We hope you enjoyed it. If you have not filled out your evaluation, you must do so, Mark this Module Complete, AND scroll to the end of the “Baby Rules” clip, “Mark Complete,” to access your CE certificate. You know you have completed all modules when the progress bar up at the top left says 100% COMPLETE 3/3 Steps. If you desire to take the class again, feel free to write us at [email protected] for a 50% off promo code. See you soon!

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Amazing class I’ve always struggle with position and it’s starting to sink in

Great class, lots of new tools to use!

Amazing!Your energy is infectious too!

Great Class, very useful information.

Stephanie Reggiardo February 27, 2024 at 8:35 am

Such an engaging workshop. Thank you!

Thank you for the great class. When will the recording be available? Will I have two weeks to listen after the availability or class date?

I would love it if you included the Contra/Nutation drawings and pics in the book. I had to search the video and draw them in. Include the pic of the actual person doing the positions too. I didnt get it until I envisioned the sacrum rocking back and forth. Then, for neg station, you lean back like in Walchers or Flying Cowgirl, and for 0 station you can tilt pelvis forward. This seems very important. Thank you for your energy.

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