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Game Changer Waitlist

From: $12.99 / month

Thank you for being a part of some of the first nurses in Motion! Even if the app isn’t live yet, you can load up your account with the upgrade so you’re ready to go!

Here’s how to get 30 days free:

  1. Add this product to cart
  2. Complete the checkout process being sure to either create a Bundle Birth Nurses account or logging into your account
  3. Remember your login email and password (you will use this to log into Motion)
  4. Download Motion app from iOS or Android app stores
  5. Use your BBN login to log into the app & you’re good to GO!

If you have already downloaded Motion app to your phone and logged in using your Bundle Birth Nurses (BBN) account login info:

  • Add the above Game Changer subscription to your cart
  • Login to your BBN website account if you are not logged in already
  • Complete the checkout process until you get to a confirmation page
  • Return to your Motion app and log back in with the same credentials you use for the site

You will see your upgraded subscription, unlocking all Game Changing features!

*Note: this is not the public-facing link and only available for waitlisted customers. If you upgraded already using the 14-day-trial link we will not be able to revert your trial to give you 30-days free. 

Don’t forget to download this FLYER to post on your unit!