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  • Every year, over 1,000,000 people in the United States describe their birth as traumatic.
  • 1 in 3 people are having cesarean births.
  • Nurses are feeling overwhelmed with the desire to do better because of limited training & lack of support.

It doesn’t have to be this way!


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This class has been so wonderful and helpful. So much knowledge and information to apply to everyday practice!

Marissa B

I appreciated how things were broken down and not overcomplicated. I loved the legal expert info as well. Case studies are the best.

Ashley S

Fetal monitoring is a huuuuge area of stress for me and probably all L&D nurses, so this review was really helpful. I wish I had this robust of a training earlier in my career because now I have unending anxiety about things that I didn't chart or do before I knew all of this! But now that I know better I will do better!

Ciara B

Thank you, thank you, these classes have been invaluable to my practice.

Robin N

I’ve gained a whole new perspective on EFM especially because I am training a new labor nurse this is so helpful for my teaching

Jennifer B

I loved this class! I wish all new grads had the opportunity to take this!

Kelsey N

This was very eye-opening. A class I didn't know I needed!


As a more experienced nurse I wasn’t sure if mentorship was right for me. I quickly learned that mentorship was the labor and delivery orientation that I wished I had gotten when I first started. I learned something valuable with each module, and at a time when I was feeling some burnout at the bedside I now feel renewed and inspired. Going forward after mentorship I feel confident orienting new nurses to be the best nurse they can be for their patients, and I will continue to recommend mentorship over and over to any nurse interested in adding to their super nurse toolbox.


Mentorship has been a wonderful filler for everything I didn’t learn on orientation. Everything is taught in a way that really helps me retain the information. I feel more confident in my care as a labor and delivery nurse because of this course and I recommend it to all new and seasoned L&D nurses looking to fill in any gaps in their education.


Mentorship has given me so many tools on my belt to pull out that even if it’s not a patient in labor I am working with, my patients are well educated and informed in their care. I’m more confident in my practice because of what I’ve learned and the community of caregivers I’ve acquired. With mentorship my care for my patients is much more well rounded and thorough.


Our Bundle Birth SBAR!

Sarah Lavonne
Sarah Lavonne Founder, Chief Executive Officer (CEO)
Justine Arechiga
Justine Arechiga BBN Community Generator, Nurse Mentor
Mykel LeCheminant
Mykel LeCheminant Nurse Mentor, Instructor
Breanne Clinger
Breanne Clinger Nurse Mentor, Educator
Carly Dahl
Carly Dahl Nurse Mentor
Jess McGrail
Jess McGrail Nurse Mentor
Diana Fajardo Castellanos
Diana Fajardo Castellanos Executive Administrative Assistant
Sophia Fregoso
Sophia Fregoso Office Administrative Assistant
BS, MPH Candidate
Amy Dodd
Amy Dodd Director of Marketing
Heidi Nielsen
Heidi Nielsen Nurse Educator
Jen Atkisson
Jen Atkisson Nurse Educator
Hannah Zook
Hannah Zook Director of Strategy

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