Deposition & Trial

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Duration 01:42:16
Instructor Pamela Hetrick


Who is the plaintiff’s attorney and what exactly does the defense do?  The legal process in medical malpractice can sound very overwhelming and a land of the unknown.

There may be a time in your journey as a nurse that you witness an adverse outcome or are named as a fact witness in a lawsuit. This can be frightening and anxiety-provoking.

In this class, we will go step by step as to what to expect through the whole process of observing/being involved in the adverse event and what the typical steps are during the time when a lawsuit is filed. You will gather knowledge of the discovery phase of the process, who is your legal team, what they do to get you prepped for the case, and the deposition process and trial.

Spoiler alert!  You can be involved in a lawsuit without an adverse event that occurs if the family or patient alleges that an injury occurred during the patient’s care.

This class is pertinent to anyone who cares for patients whether you are an LPN, RN, APRN, CNM, CRNA, or PA

Learning Objectives

1.  Participants will understand key players involved in every lawsuit (defendant, plaintiff, witness)

2.  Participants will be able to identify the anatomy of a lawsuit

3.  Participant will be able to define the standard of care

4.  Participant will be able to identify key components to the deposition process

5.  Participants will be able to identify key components of the trial process


*2 CEs from the California BRN will be awarded upon completion of this class. Class expires two years from the purchase date. 

CEs are provided by the California Board of Registered Nursing #CEP17368

Pamela Hetrick

Your Instructor

Pamela Hetrick

Pamela Hetrick, CNM, MSN, Expert Witness Pam Hetrick, MSN, MBA, APRN-CNM is a practicing Certified Nurse Midwife in Cleveland, Ohio.  During her 25 year tenure in the obstetrical field, she worked with a CNM who had a thriving expert witness business.  Pam was introduced to expert witnessing by her colleague who mentored her step by step through her first few cases which led to her forming “Hetrick Consulting LLC”. Pam loves to educate people and empower them to advocate for themselves.  She also loves to practice mindfulness both at home, in the clinical setting, and in the courtroom to help decrease stress and anxiety.  She resides in the Cleveland area with her husband, loves to be outside listening to music.  She has successfully raised two sons and is a proud dog mom of 2!
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