Shifting the Pitocin Paradigm – August 6, 2024

August 6

Time 1300 - 1500 PST
Instructor Jen Atkisson
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It is time to dive deep into the heart of one of the most critical aspects of labor & delivery! Join us for an exclusive class led by none other than THE premier expert in Pitocin, Jen Atkisson. In this class, we’ll explore the intricate web of Pitocin use, uncovering its profound impact on patient safety, medical-legal liability, and nursing job satisfaction.

Pitocin, a double-edged sword in maternal healthcare, holds the potential for both healing and harm. Despite its pervasive presence in labor induction and augmentation, it remains a prime culprit behind the majority of birth injury lawsuits. Designated as a High Alert Medication by the ISMP in 2007, Pitocin’s usage trends paint a sobering picture of technological safeguards failing to shield patients from harm consistently.

But fear not, for in the midst of this challenge lies an opportunity for transformation. Through meticulous analysis and evidence-based insights, Jen Atkisson will guide you towards a new paradigm in Pitocin administration—one that prioritizes safety, satisfaction, and holistic care. Together, we’ll dissect trends, decipher evidence, and craft strategies to mitigate preventable harm, reducing lawsuits while enhancing nurse and patient contentment

With a staggering 50% induction or augmentation rate looming over our current practice, now is the time for change. Join us as we embark on a journey towards safer, more fulfilling care practices. By the end of this class, you’ll emerge equipped with the knowledge and confidence to administer Pitocin safely, effectively, and in alignment with the highest standards of care.

Don’t miss your chance to learn from the best in the field. Secure your spot today and revolutionize your approach to Pitocin administration with Jen Atkisson’s expert guidance.

Analyze trends in Pitocin use and birth injury
Determine the evidence-based practices that can decrease preventable harm (and therefore lawsuits) and increase nurse and patient satisfaction

Class includes: Online workbook, sample Pitocin policy (a $300 value!), Pitocin checklist, reference list, patient consent letter

Class length: 100 minutes

Bundle Birth, A Nursing Corporation is an Approved Continuing Education Provider through the California Board of Registered Nursing, CEP #17368.

Jen Atkisson

Your Instructor

Jen Atkisson

Nurse Educator, MSN, RNC-OB, CNL Driven by her passion to help nurses connect to their professional identity as a patient advocate, Jen has dedicated her career to educating nurses at all stages in their career–from new grads to nurses that are decades in. When she’s not at the bedside caring for patients, she works as an independent educator on various nursing and legal topics, serves as an expert witness in hundreds of cases, and is an AWHONN Fetal Monitoring Instructor Trainer. A Labor & Delivery, Postpartum and Nursery/Resuscitation nurse since 2007, Jen draws on these experiences to create educational content and classes that are empowering and memorable.