Breastfeeding Class

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Duration 5:50:34
Instructor Sarah Lavonne


Do you feel fully confident in your ability to help your patient start their breastfeeding journey?

If the answer is no, this class is for you. 

In this class, you will learn the basics of breastfeeding and how it works. Learn why and how skin-to-skin facilities breastfeeding and how to set your patient up for their first feed. Gain tools on how to educate on breastfeeding that is practical and makes sense.

Watch real-life demonstrations on how to latch a baby and assess the latch. Watch real-life demonstrations on how to operate and use a hospital-grade breast pump and manual pump.

Gain insight on alternative methods to feed and how to work with different nipples. Literally everything you need to know as someone who assists with initial breastfeeding.

Learning Objectives: 

1. Student will list the benefits of breastfeeding vs. formula feeding.

2. Student will recite the steps to hand expression and alternative feeding strategies.

3. Student will be able to implement and summarize the benefits of skin-to-skin.

4. Student will be able to assist their patient/client with breastfeeding.

This class is a portion of the Bundle Birth Nurse Mentorship program and you may hear the instructors mention the program. If you want to know more about that program, click here.

*7 CEs from the California BRN will be awarded upon completion of this class. Class expires two years from the purchase date. 

Sarah Lavonne

Your Instructor

Sarah Lavonne

Founder, Chief Executive Officer (CEO), BSN, PHN, RNC-OB, CLEC, ICCE With a vision to unite patients, support persons and medical personnel together through education and support, Sarah and her team have fearlessly developed a community of learning and inspiration across labor and delivery field. Sarah has held various roles in nursing from floor nurse, peer mentor (educating and mentoring nurses as they came off orientation), childbirth educator and manager, before she built Bundle Birth. Driven by a mission to empower people to live their best lives in and outside of work, Sarah is best known for inspiring and equipping nurses to provide unconventional nursing care that changes the world. A pioneer in nursing education, Sarah Lavonne is the founder & CEO at Bundle Birth, A Nursing Corporation.

Learned a ton, I am confident this will help me in my practice.


I liked how the class touched on everything that could be faced with postpartum breastfeeding education. Teaching empowering moms and supporting decisions

Kathryn Kathryn

It was helpful to see breastfeeding being taught to someone else and explained "to a patient" rather than just being told what to tell a patient. I never was taught any breastfeeding education other than the basics.

Amanda B.