Physiologic Birth Class for L&D Nurses & Providers 24-hour RENTAL

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Duration 6:30:00
Instructor Sarah Lavonne


We’re excited to support you with this 8-hour, LIVE ONLINE class viewing for your entire group. This training will provide information necessary to promote physiologic birth and/or interact with various labor patterns/interruptions through nonpharmacological nursing interventions.

We promote birth as a normal, physiologic process for the majority of birthing people, but recognize that there are common interruptions in the birth process that can have an impact on the ultimate mode of delivery. Upon successful completion of the workshop, the participant will be able to educate, triage, and better facilitate physiologic birth to meet the desires of the laboring person and accomplish a vaginal birth.

Please download the guides presented here to supplement your experience.

At the end of the class, a QR Code will be displayed on the screen for your audience to scan (also provided in your facilitator guide), take their evaluation and submit for CEs.

Everyone attending needs to fill out a class evaluation in order to receive their CEs.

*8 CEs from the California BRN will be awarded upon completion of this class.  

CEs are provided by the California Board of Registered Nursing #CEP17368

Download the class Agenda HERE.

*Once played, class is nonrefundable and current BBN refund policy does not apply.


Sarah Lavonne

Your Instructor

Sarah Lavonne

Founder, Chief Executive Officer (CEO), BSN, PHN, RNC-OB, CLEC, ICCE With a vision to unite patients, support persons and medical personnel together through education and support, Sarah and her team have fearlessly developed a community of learning and inspiration across labor and delivery field. Sarah has held various roles in nursing from floor nurse, peer mentor (educating and mentoring nurses as they came off orientation), childbirth educator and manager, before she built Bundle Birth. Driven by a mission to empower people to live their best lives in and outside of work, Sarah is best known for inspiring and equipping nurses to provide unconventional nursing care that changes the world. A pioneer in nursing education, Sarah Lavonne is the founder & CEO at Bundle Birth, A Nursing Corporation.
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