Trauma Informed Care

Preventing Birth Trauma Level 2

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Duration 2:13:35
Instructor Krysta Dancy


Birth Professionals

I’m going to speak plainly: knowing what causes trauma is an important step in preventing and healing it- but it isn’t enough. We must learn how to help our clients access their innate resilience, strengths and growth if we want to make a difference. That’s what this course is about.

Back by popular demand! This is a sequel to the sell-out course Preventing Birth Trauma Level 1 (which is required for access to this class).

In this online class we will discuss:

  • What are the ‘two pathways” that lead to Postpartum trauma and how can you help?
  • Research updates on trauma
  • What is post-traumatic growth after a traumatic birth and what determines the lucky clients who experience it? (hint: you can help!)
  • Introducing Krysta’s brand new “Trauma-Informed Care Provider Model”- a 3 step model which helps you protect your clients’ psychological vulnerabilities to trauma, access their strengths and prevent the long-term formation of trauma.

This class will equip you with immediately useful skills, evidence-supported and clinically relevant information and more than that: it’s going to create a clear plan for prevention and healing that you can use to conceptualize your birth work right away.

Goal: After this class, you will have a deeper understanding of trauma in birth- but I want you to have more than that. This class is going to help you tap into the natural resilience, strength, and growth opportunities that your client already has.

Learning Objectives:

  1. Demonstrate updated knowledge of research literature related to birth trauma including COVID 19.
  2. Understand the systemic factors which influence and perpetuate the phenomenon of Postpartum PTSD.
  3. Understand Post-Traumatic Growth as it relates to Postpartum PTSD and gain concrete skills to improve clients’ resilience after trauma.
  4. Master two clinical models to serve Trauma-Informed Care and Develop Birth Trauma Resilience.

*2.5 CEs will be awarded upon completion of this class. CE’s are provided through Bundle Birth, A Nursing Corporation, as an Approved Continuing Education Provider (CEP #17368).

Class expires two years from the purchase date. 

Bundle Birth, A Nursing Corporation is an Approved Continuing Education Provider through the California Board of Registered Nursing, CEP #17368.

Krysta Dancy

Your Instructor

Krysta Dancy

MA, MFT, CBD(CBI), Provider Educator Krysta is a holistic licensed trauma therapist with almost 20 years of experience in the fields of psychology, trauma and birth. She is the founder and CEO of Dancy Perinatal Inc as well as The Birth & Trauma Support Center- a nation-wide organization dedicated to providing trauma-informed training to providers and professionals. From her lens as a birth and mental health professional, Krysta holds great optimism and warmth for each person in the birth room. Her work and passion is to see trauma-informed medical care become the norm, and to see providers and patients thrive in clinical care. In her office she treats both patients and professionals for a variety of birth and trauma related concerns.
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