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#teamunderwear Iron-On Decal


Represent #teamunderwear with an Iron-On Decal – a must-have for all Bundle Birth Nurses. This pack includes two high-quality iron-on decals, featuring #teamunderwear. If you’re coming to Cancun, they were designed to be on your booties of your bathing suits!

#teamunderwear is a movement to provide patients with the autonomy over their bodies and birth experiences that they deserve. What started as just offering underwear to patients has turned into nurses feeling empowerd to give birthing people full control and power over their births.

By adding this to your item, you are committed to providing patients a safe environment that offers options, completes the shared decision-making process together and if they want to wear underwear because it makes them feel more safe and comfortable – then NO PROBLEM! If you are nurse, doula, MD, CNM, lactation expert, student, therapist, birth professional – wear this pin with pride and show those you care so well for that you are committed to this mission.

If you are a birthing person, this movement is for you too!! While it’s started with nurses, we’re changing the culture of obstetrics TOGETHER – it shows you know that you have choices/options and are ready to work with your team to be sure you feel empowered, like your voice is heard and ultimately have the final say on ANYTHING that happens as you pursue a healthy birth and birth memory.

These iron-on decals are perfect for branding your clothing item in a unique and personalized way. Simply iron them onto any ironable fabric, and you can instantly transform your clothing .

Made with durable material, these iron-on decals are designed to last. They are easy to apply and can be used on a variety of fabrics, including bathing suits, t-shirts, scrubs, lab coats, jackets, and more. With the #teamunderwear proudly displayed on your clothing, you can showcase your passion for nursing that is changing the culture of obstetrics and your commitment to your patients.

Comes in a package of 2, with directions for application.

Size of decal: 5 x 0.5 inches

Nonrefundable. *Bundle Birth is not responsible for any ruined items or errors in transfer.